Brompton Bar & Grill

The Brompton Bar and Grill has a lot to live up to.  Occupying the former premises of the post-war Brompton Grill through the Yuppie years of Brasserie St Quentin, there is a real sense of history.  This is in part due to its location, along the road from Harrods and teetering perilously on the edge … Continue reading

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Employment Tribunal Statistics – Good News For Employers?

The Tribunal reform is already taking effect. Here is the proof The Tribunal Service has just published some interesting statistics, breaking down the claims, awards and averages over the twelve months to 21 March 2012. Contrary to what we might be told by Vince and the BIS team, the effects of Tribunal reform already seem … Continue reading

The Great British Law Off
Solicitors Journal

The Great British Law Off

Sporting achievements, baking action or stripping exploits, you should think carefully about which will be helpful in supporting your career progression, muses Kevin Poulter The calibre of trainees commencing their training contracts this month has been intriguingly high. Of course, academic excellence is a given and more often than not this still comes from 
a … Continue reading