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Twitter down, Netflix up? Another day in digital media

It’s been an interesting week in the world of digital media. Netflix has extended its global reach, ad-blocking software has been likened to cyber-crime and Twitter suffered a technical fault that saw its share price drop to a 52-week low.  

I joined the Money Matters show on TRT World to discuss the fortunes of on-demand streaming site and digital broadcaster Netflix, which this month launched in 130 new countries, extending its paying subscribers to almost 75million. But everything isn’t rosy for Netflix, which suffered a fall in profits for the last quarter of 2015 despite significant investment in original and new projects.

Twitter was again in the news, following an outage which saw users worldwide being forced to look elsewhere for their news and taking social and business interaction to alternative channels.  The year hasn’t got off to a good start for CEO  Jack Dorsey, who has already upset some purists by suggesting the micro-blogging could extend its character limit to 10,000. Is it time to look for a new revenue model or, to coin a phrase, take it back to basics?

And finally, the battle between ad tech and ad-blockers continues, with reports that almost 200 million of us are making use of programs and utilities that block annoying and invasive ads.  Is there any surprise, when content (such as that below) is obscured by advertisements so as to make it unreadable? Sort it out, guys.

Attitude ads

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