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Social media and the law podcast, March 2016 #TalkingSocBiz

Each month I’ll be joining global social media expert and consultant Krishna De to discuss the hot topics and legal issues arising from social media stories and developments in technology. Given there is no shortage of news in this controversial, but largely unregulated sector, there will be some interesting insights, practical solutions and tips that everyone can benefit from.

The first podcast is now live and features stories including:

  • new CPS guidelines for prosecuting social media misconduct
  • the trouble the police and courts have in dealing with interpreting emojis
  • the responsibilities of footballers on social media
  • Sadiq Khan and when employers should react to social media misuse (and the press public interest test)
  • Kylie v Kylie

In the coming months, we would like to hear your questions, thoughts and ideas, so please get in touch.

Listen and download here

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