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Facebook for recruitment? It’s time to clean up your profile

News from the US and Canada that Facebook byodhas rolled out a new job ads and recruitment feature may have you giddy with potential, but for many of the social behemoth’s 1.9 billion users, is it another invasion of privacy?

Canadian news service, Global News, contacted me to comment on the move by Facebook and here’s what I had to say:

For those looking to further their career or make connections in their field, LinkedIn has already carved out this role as far as networking sites are concerned. And as one employment and social media lawyer points out, users may want to keep it that way.

“Employees, already struggling to keep up with ever-changing privacy settings, may not wish to have their Facebook profiles, high school musings and prom photos form part of their CV and visible to recruiters,” Kevin Poulter, a partner at U.K. law firm Child & Child, wrote in an email.

As Poulter notes, LinkedIn has slowly been encroaching into the personal content realm by offering features and content that are similar to those existing on Facebook, although it is still career-related at its core. For Facebook to take on recruiting seems to go against the boundaries that some employers and employees have already put in place, he says.

“Of course, Facebook will have researched this and its domination of our lives continues, but just as Google has seen a backlash for gathering too much data from its users, Facebook too could be susceptible to criticism,” Poulter said.

The full article can be read here, on Global News.

Would you be happy for your employer to see your Facebook profile? Do you think this may be the end for LinkedIn? Please leave your comments below and I’ll follow up as Fecbook’s experiment in recruitment continues.

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