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PODCAST – Interview with Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, President of the Law Society

photoPODCAST – Interview with Lucy Scott-Moncrieff

Law Society president Lucy Scott-Moncrieff raised eyebrows in the City last week when she suggested that some of its law firms had promoted “mediocre men” who in a true meritocracy “would never even have seen the paintings on the boardroom wall”. And Scott-Moncrieff is in no mood to backtrack as she tells Legal Cheek’s Kevin Poulter how flexible working is often used against women…

The Law Society head honcho goes on to explain why she believes gender “targets” should be used to help talented women break through City law firms’ glass ceilings, before, on a lighter note, sharing details of her recent visit to Buckingham Palace with an audibly impressed Poulter.

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