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PODCAST – Is a 2:2 a ‘kiss of death’ for wannabe lawyers?

PODCAST: with guest, Anthony Lyons

Anthony Lyons is a charming, intelligent part-time LPC student who works as a paralegal at top London law firm Mishcon de Reya. What’s more, Lyons boasts an entrepreneurial zeal, organising the #AskaTrainee Twitter Q&A through his impressive social media following. In short, he’s the sort of person who you’d expect to walk into a training contract – if, that is, he hadn’t got a 2:2 in his degree…

Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge and Bircham Dyson Bell solicitor Kevin Poulter advise Lyons on strategies for getting round this problem – and, in what may be a first for the #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast, agree!

The gist of their advice is for Lyons not to be fussy and to take a TC anywhere he can find one. Then, by the time he has finished it in 2015-2016, the economy will probably be in better shape and, as has happened after past recessions, there may even be a shortage of junior lawyers. In which case, there will be opportunities to trade up to better firms.

Listen to the trio chat in the podcast on Legal Cheek.

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