The Hearing

The Hearing: Anna Heslop, Client Earth

Kevin Poulter in conversation with Anna Heslop, Senior Lawyer of Client Earth

Original release date: 29 April 2019

“When Extinction Rebellion took over Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge, they were doing so in the clean air of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone. And for that, they have Anna Heslop and the work of ClientEarth to thank. You see, while some take direct action in pursuit of preserving our small blue dot, others (like Anna) use the law – working with lawmakers, governments and manufacturers to help protect and improve the environment.

Anna clearly loves her job, and she goes about it with a dedication and passion we should all be thankful for. You may have already seen her on TV, or heard her on the Today Programme. Now’s your chance to get to know her a little better. Listen in as she talks to our Kevin about everything from Brexit, to a surprising lack of thank you letters from bison.”

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