The Hearing

The Hearing: Laura King & Tiernan Brady, Clifford Chance

Kevin Poulter in conversation with Laura King, Global Head of People & Talent, and Tiernan Brady, Global Head of Inclusion, Clifford Chance

Original release date: 7 May 2019

“When Laura King hired Tiernan Brady to champion diversity and inclusion at Clifford Chance, she hired a campaigning rockstar. With stadium-sized successes under his belt in the marriage equality referendums in Ireland and Australia, Tiernan came with an enviable reputation and a work ethic to match. And, as one of the first female partners at Clifford Chance, Laura has already lead the charge for change.

Laura is now Global Head of People & Talent at Clifford Chance, while Tiernan is their first Global Head of Inclusion. And together this duo are making some big cultural waves. That’s right – this interview is a 50/50 split. How’s that for equality?”

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