The Hearing

The Hearing: Leanne Maskell

Kevin Poulter in conversation with Leanne Maskell, activist and former model

Original release date: 2 September 2019

“Imagine this: you’re 13 and bullied for being ‘ugly’. But in a dramatic turn of events, you put the middle finger up to your bullies and land a modelling job for Vogue that your peers could only dream of. Then you’re suddenly plunged into a world of 16 hour days, starvation diets and made to strip naked at work on a regular basis.

So, what do you do? If you’re this week’s guest, Leanne Maskell, you get a law degree and go on to write an award-winning exposé on exploitation in the modelling industry. Kevin chats to her about her burgeoning legal career and gets the lowdown on her book, The Model Manifesto – an A – Z in anti-exploitation to guide both models and their parents through the murky waters of the fashion industry.

Leanne opens up about her quest to protect other young models from the exploitation she suffered, and help them avoid the pitfalls of financial, sexual, physical and emotional ill-treatment.”

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