The Hearing

The Hearing: Alastair Campbell

Kevin Poulter in conversation with Alastair Campbell

Original release date: 16 September 2019

“This week’s guest has experienced a wealth of colourful nicknames including ‘The Riviera Gigolo’, ‘The Burnley Bruiser’ and ‘The Real Deputy Prime Minister’. Yes, it’s former Downing Street Press Secretary and Director of Communications, Alastair Campbell.

He’s chatting to us about the trivial (a love of bagpipes and his ‘soft-porn first forays into writing’), to the momentous (Boris Johnson being a puppet and the media lies around Brexit). Alastair opens up to Kevin about his upbringing, including his time at Cambridge and his assessment of the ‘private schoolboys’.

He talks about the role of the press in supporting a healthy democracy, but discusses the current battle being played out, which isn’t necessarily laden with truths. He also discusses the role of PR and the media in high-profile law cases, and how lawyers should be dealing with them.”

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