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Comment: Motherboard’s guide to algorithmic morphing

1517219761470-guida-motherboard-morphing-algoritmicoFollowing the success of the talk I gave alongside Catherine Chapman at the ‘Blinding Pleasures’ exhibition in London last year, the show’s curator Filippo Lorenzin invited me to provide some comments for an article he was writing for Vice’s ‘Motherboard’ website in Italy.

Your can read the whole thing here (in Italian), but for anyone who isn’t linguistically proficient, my comments are below (courtesy of Google Translate).

What can we do, moreover, when someone uses our digital masks for unwanted purposes? Current copyright laws do not seem to be in step with the times. “In the UK, what are generally understood as image rights are not protected as such,” comments UK lawyer Kevin Poulter, an expert on digital culture issues.

“Anyone who tries to control their image and use must rely on some other cause of action, such as a contract, a breach of trust or a copyright.” In the last months of 2017, a video on SendVids appeared in which the face of actress Gal Godot has been applied to images taken from a porn film – a hybrid that, although not completely believable, demonstrates how simple it is to create such material. “If the images of a person are used in something like pornography, there is a risk that the content can bring defamation,” continues Poulter. “In this case, any financial request from the injured party will be based on damages. If it can not be shown that there has been economic damage, there is a possibility that we can not do much about it.”

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