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Former Youth Police Commissioner will not face prosecution

20130422-110944.jpgThe UK’s first Youth Police Commissioner will not face prosecution over inappropriate tweets which led to her resignation.

Kent Police have confirmed that 17 year old Paris Brown will not be prosecuted in respect of the allegedly racist, homophobic and violent tweets revealed by the Mail on Sunday earlier this month. Brown had only been in post for a number of days before publication of the tweets which led to widespread public condemnation of both the position and the teenage post holder.

Brown ultimately resigned her £15,000 a year role as Kent’s first youth adviser to the Police Commissioner in spite of support from the Commissioner, Ann Barnes.

Kent Police have confirmed that the tweets, although offensive, did not meet the threshold for prosecution.

Earlier this year, the Director of Public Prosecutions set out guidance for the prosecution of social media related offences. Although there may be some conflict with the views of the Attorney General, there is some common ground. Indeed, there is now some criticism that any investigation into Brown was disproportionate.

This remains a complex area which will challenge the police, the CPS and the courts for some time. But the present case goes to show that even without a criminal prosecution, there is untold damage to the reputation and, arguably, the career prospects of Ms Brown.

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