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Fab1As you may have guessed, I am a firm believer in the power social media has to enhance your career and your professional prospects. 

I was therefore flattered and pleased to have been referenced in an article by Christelle McCracken and Anthony Lyons as they discuss the importance of devloping a positive social media identity.

“The best way a training contract applicant can develop their social media identity to prepare them for life as a solicitor is to follow, connect, add (whatever the term may be) with professionals who are doing it well and learn from them. I’d suggest Kevin Poulter (aka @KevinPoulter – employment lawyer at Bircham Dyson Bell) and James Turner QC (aka @JamesTurner37 – silk at 1 King’s Bench Walk) to begin with. Get involved, ask questions and ultimately discover what online branding can do your training contract application,” says Lyons.

The article can be read in full on the Lawyer2B wesbite, by clicking here.

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