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Lawyers not immune to social media mishaps

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 13.25.50A trainee solicitor with one of the world’s top legal firms now faces the possibility of dismissal following the reporting of an online video in which he describes his role as “f***ing people over for money”.

The Clifford Chance trainee, whose name has not been disclosed, was seen in a video interview with Oxford University student paper Cherwell.  The Shark Tales video interviews students in the early hours of the morning, demonstrating so called “drunken wisdom”.

The junior lawyer talks in the video of being a “City lad” and that the “ladness is just basically f***ing people over for money.”

But, his legal instinct takes hold when he realises his error and states: “I refuse my consent for this to go on the internet and I will sue you if it goes on.”

A spokesperson for Clifford Chance is reported to have said: “The comments made are inappropriate and they are at odds with our principles and the professional standards we espouse as a firm. One of our trainee lawyers is the subject of our formal disciplinary procedures which may result in termination of the training contract with the firm”.

The Shark Tales programme is introduced as “the place your sons and daughters will see in their nightmares” and “the circle of hell to which Dante did not even dare descend” and is available to be viewed on the Cherwell YouTube channel.

The warnings were there. With the ease in which video and audio recordings can be made and uploaded, it is more important than ever for all employees and in particular junior professionals to be vigilant about what they are seen and heard to be saying and doing in the real world as much as online.  This may be a bit of drunken tomfoolery, but it may go to cost this aspiring lawyer his job and his future.

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