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The Oscar Pistorius Trial: the social media story, so far

The Oscar Pistorius trial has attracted blanket coverage on news channels around the world.  Like the trial of OJ Simpson, almost two decades ago, allowing television cameras into the court room has arguably made it easier to sensationalise the trial and encourage a media circus. 

However, it is the reporting of the case via social media channels which has added a new dimension to proceedings.  Every statement, argument, raised eyebrow and tear has been reported, analysed, commnented on and parodied hundreds or thousands of times within minutes.

Last week I joined Emma Sadleir on Carte Blanche’s The Oscar Pistorius Trial channel to discuss the impact of the trial in the United Kingdom and how the world was responding to events in Pretoria.  Amongst other things, we cover the much criticised Paddy Power campaign and how social media can cause outrage, even when Lego is involved.

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