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End of the (Silk) Road? ‘eBay of drugs’ creator found guilty

On 5 February 2015, I joined the Arise News team to discuss the indictment of Silk Road ‘mastermind’ Ross Ulbricht and what really happens on the ‘Darknet’.

The creator of online marketplace Silk Road is now facing a lengthy prison sentence after a New York jury found him guilty on charges including narcotics trafficking, criminal enterprise, computer hacking and money laundering following a raid on the Silk Road website.

30 year old Ulbricht was shown to have amassed a fortune of $18 million in online currency Bitcoin through his involvement in the site, responsible for more than one million drug deals in nearly three years of operation.

One thought on “End of the (Silk) Road? ‘eBay of drugs’ creator found guilty

  1. It is amazingly upsetting that people have to resort to such unlawful behaviour.
    The charges are serious and he has made a lot of money by illegally hacking peoples computers and trafficing drugs.

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