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Mobile operators plan to block mobile advertising

Whether it is a win for the consumer or a warning to Google, the possibility of blocking mobile advertisements could be the biggest game-changer in marketing since the introduction of mobile advertising less than ten years ago.

It is estimated that the mobile internet market is worth $69billion this year alone, with that set to rise to almost $200billion in the next four years.  But new technology could bring that crashing down as mobile operators toy with the idea of blocking mobile advertising for its users.  With Google said to be generating $60billion a year in advertising revenue from search, YouTube and other Google services, it will be a clear shot across its dominating bow.  However, the impact may be felt most at the lower end of the market, as tech and online businesses and not-for-profit organisations rely on advertising revenue to stay afloat.  We will just have to wait and see if the threat is real and how it affects this sensitive and developing sector.

I joined Michael Wilson in the Arise News studio to discuss the potential impact and what else it might mean.

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