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Cyber security must be addressed in the board room

The InterviewIn the wake of the Sony hack and other abuses of confidential information, cyber security is an issue that any business can ill afford to ignore.  What’s more, there is free help available from the Government for small businesses under a revised voucher scheme.

I recently attended a conference on cyber security, organised by the Reform think tank. The gathering was addressed by Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey, who reinforced the need for skilled labour, infrastructure and security to support the UK’s booming digital sector.

Now is the time to move discussions around cyber security from IT departments alone and into board rooms. The government is taking steps to lead in this sector and has already developed to beta testing stage its GOV.UK Verify service, allowing citizens to authenticate their identity online.

Vaizey used the platform to launch a revised innovation voucher scheme, offering SMEs up to £5,000 for specialist advice to boost their cyber security and to protect new business ideas and intellectual property. The scheme sits hand in hand with the Cyber Essentials scheme, encouraging all organisations to address the threats of cyber attack and to reinforce their own processes and infrastructure.

With up to £1million innovation vouchers available, this is a perfect time for entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing businesses to address the cyber threat and get their house in order now, before it may be too late.

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