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Was it worth the wait? Apple launches its smartwatch

After years of conspiracy theories, anticipation and disappointment, Apple finally launched its catchily named AppleWatch on 24 April 2015.  Will this change the horological world the way that the iPhone changed the mobile marketplace, or is this one innovation too far?

First indications are that the AppleWatch will dominate the smartwatch market from day one.  What’s more, for the first time in recent memory, there were no long queues outside the Apple Store or bundles of Apple goods for the first in line.  Aside from a few ‘select’ luxury stores around the world, the only way to get a watch was by pre-ordering online and wait patiently by the letterbox.  Will this be the future for all Apple launches?

With questions over its (short) battery life, lack of GPS and hefty price-tag (the ‘Edition’ currently retails up to £13,500) , I for one will be waiting to see what the next version of the watch looks like before I part with my hard-earned cash, as I told Michael Wilson on Arise News, below.


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